The Electric Picture House has partnered with YourScreen to bring a fantastic programme of world cinema - most of it new to the UK and not available on other streaming platforms -  into your living room.

Free Japanese classics in November!

YourScreen is delighted to present Beyond Kurosawa, a season of Japanese cinema supported by the BFI’s ‘Japan 2021’ project.
All the films in the season have been curated to complement the Kurosawa / Ozu / Miyazaki classics that other cinemas and streaming platforms are offering, and to raise the profile of some lesser-recognised Japanese filmmakers.

And what’s more, Perfect Blue, Branded to Kill, Outlaw: Gangster VIP and Patema Inverted are all completely free to stream until Tuesday 30 November.

Screening as part of Japan 2021: 100 years of Japanese Cinema, a UK-wide film season supported by National Lottery and BFI Film Audience Network.

Perfect Blue / Pâfekuto burû (18)

The news that front woman Mima is leaving her pop idol band CHAM! to concentrate on more serious work as an actress is met with dismay by her many followers and in particular by the sinister obsessive ‘Mi-Mania’, who resents the loss of his clean-cut idol. As she kicks off her new career, she discovers a spurious fan blog, ‘Mima’s Room’, containing disturbing posts – purportedly uploaded by Mima. Her sense of paranoia increases as the fear of stalkers grows, and when she starts to experience teasing manifestations of her pop idol persona, claiming to be the ‘real Mima’, her grasp on reality starts to crumble.

The first of Satoshi Kon’s four animes, all of which examine the erasure of the borderline between reality and fantasy. Almost 25 years after its release Perfect Blue seems uncannily prescient of 2021’s mistrust of social media.

Branded to Kill / Koroshi no rakuin (18)

Seijun Suzuki’s 1967 thriller focuses on a group of hired killers, some of them farcically inept, who rank themselves in a league table of brutality. Goro, no. 3 at the outset, has a prodigious appetite for rough sex, fuelled by a fetish for the smell of boiled rice. Aside from his wife, who is rarely seen with clothes on, he dallies with a dangerous young woman with a suicide wish and a penchant for dead birds and butterflies. Then things get really strange.

This cult classic, which has to be seen to be believed, was edited in a single day and Suzuki’s direction, in widescreen black-and-white, is stylish and provocative. It screened to empty houses on release but was rediscovered by international audiences in the 1980s and acclaimed by assorted critics, directors (including Jim Jarmusch and Quentin Tarantino) and avant-garde musicians.

Patema Inverted / Sakasama no Patema (PG)

In a post-apocalyptic Earth the surviving population has split into two societies which are subject to opposing gravitational forces! Patema is an adventurous teenager who frets at living in her underground world. Falling down an abandoned shaft, she emerges on the edge of an impressive city and meets a schoolboy, Age, who helps her when his society’s sadistic dictator hunts her down as a dangerous ‘invert’. Attracted, but literally pulled in opposite directions, Patema and Age work together to uncover the truth about the Earth’s predicament.

This beautifully drawn and appealingly scripted anime sees youthful optimists battling a cruel world.

Outlaw: Gangster VIP / Burai yori daikanbu (No cert: 18+)

The first of six movies based on the recollections of a real hitman. Released from prison after stabbing a rival, Goro, an habitual but somewhat reluctant gangster, is immediately dragged back into the criminal life. He is also very preoccupied with women: the one who vowed to wait for him but married a salaryman, the fiancée of the man he attacked and a naive young girl from the country whom he rescues from attackers and who takes up his cause, believing he is not a yakuza at heart.

As the inter-gang rivalry escalates, Goro yearns for the peaceful ‘hometown’ life he lost when he was imprisoned as a child. Toshio Masuda excels himself in this stylishly shot film, which foregrounds character and relationships as much as action.

The remaining films are available at a discounted price of £5.99.

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