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And the Birds Rained Down

Louise Archambault, Canada. 2019. 2hr 07mins

Ted remembers a time when the birds rained down. A lifetime ago a devastating forest fire engulfed his Quebecois home. Now he is living out his later years in the same forest, isolated but for his companions Charlie and Tom, until the arrival of two women upsets the delicate equilibrium of their hermatic lifstyles. And the Birds Rained Down is an unsentimental portrayal of what it means to have lived a long life, rich with experiences and secrets, and what one should do with that as the years close in. The film is meditative, beautifully filmed and engrossing – rarely in the movies are the lives of older people treated with such respect or examined with such sincere interest.

"This eco-friendly, elegantly delivered tale about the sunset changes in the lives of a trio of graybeards living in the woods is engaging, thought-provoking and ultimately moving…” - The Hollywood Reporter.

“Touching, heartbreaking, and dangerously thought-provoking, And the Birds Rained Down will force you to re-examine your relationship with yourself, the world around you, and the people you love.” - Anne T. Donahue, Globe and Mail.


God of the Piano

Itay Tal. 2019. Israel. 1hr 20mins

A mother goes to extraordinary lengths to ensure that her soon-to-be-born child has the musical career  – and the approval of her father – that she never had. When Anat’s son is born deaf it seems that the dream is over, but she is not going to let this thwart her vicarious pursuit of musical perfection. Attracting comparisons with Michael Haneke and Lucrecia Martel, this compelling psychological thriller combines a probing script, assured direction and an extraordinary central performance to reveal a character driven by artistic obsession and haunted by a guilty secret that will just not go away.

“genuinely impressive: this is storytelling which is as enigmatic as it is compelling. Not surprisingly, the use of music throughout is superb”-  Screen International
“Rarely does a debut feature showcase a talent so fully formed. This is a remarkably potent film” -   New York Times

Noah Land

In order to realise his estranged and terminally-ill father's wish to be buried under the "Noah Tree" his father swears he planted, Omer, a quick-tempered son in a mid-life crisis, has to face the villagers who believe that the "holy" tree is the first tree planted by prophet Noah after the Great Flood and has the power to immediately answer their prayers. A deeply felt exploration of male ego in the tradition of Nuri Bilge Ceylan, staring Haluk Bilginer from Winter Sleep.
“Men are allowed to be vulnerable, and Noah Land reminds us of that fact” - Film Threat
“probes ethical questions about the price of victory while weighing a human tendency to react in extremes. As Ömer and Ibrahim begin to open up to each other, it also becomes a story about good faith—both in terms of trusting another’s intentions and trusting one’s own” - Tribeca Film Festival


Mister Universo

Young, disenchanted lion-tamer Tairo is out to recover his missing lucky talisman - a bar of iron bent into a horseshoe shape and given to him as a 5-yr-old child by ‘Mister Universo’, without which his life is bereft. This fast-moving neo-realist road movie is an engaging, and unusual, hybrid of documentary and fiction, in which real-life circus folk play themselves. In a story full of colour and rough charm, Tairo's quest reunites him with old friends and colleagues and fast becomes a whirlwind tour of Italy's circus culture. Aided by his quiet admirer and contortionist extraordinaire Wendy, the film culminates in a feel-good ending as Tairo finally runs 'Mr Universo' to ground.

“A twisting, rolling great big ball of fun of a movie” – Scene Creek

“…rich with exciting circus imagery that gives the intimate quest an expressionistic backdrop. Both emotionally accessible and cinematic, “Mister Universo” endows its bizarre setting with warmth” – Indiewire


As Bulgaria prepares to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall and the regime change, three police patrol cars roam the streets of the city. Apparently unaware of each other, the patrols overlap and intersect, as incidents pile on, adding up to a kind of ‘state of the nation’ snapshot. With committed performances, convincing dialogue and shot through with droll humour (a body lying beside some railway tracks becomes a running joke), this is a hugely entertaining and illuminating watch.

The film will screen with recorded Q+A with director Stephan Komandarev.

"Ambitious. Engrossing. A palpable hit with audiences" - Variety

"Surprisingly close to quintessential … one stacked crowdpleaser" - Variety

Following a fatal hit & run accident, a quite country lane on a sunny day becomes the stage for a searing drama. Unfolding in real time and set entirely in one location, a wandering, enquiring camera watches as bystanders, police, relatives, emergency services and, eventually, the driver of the car arrive on the scene. Tension soars, connections are exposed and the site becomes an allegorical melting pot of society, exploring how prejudice, social differences and communal anger can give rise to lawlessness and mob mentality. An incisive script, ferocious performances, relentless pacing and stabs of black humour, coalesce into an edge-of-your-seat experience that will leave you gasping for breath.

"It's hard to pin this film's success on any one thing; Bartosz Kruhlik's script and direction are crisp and sharp but the performances are also brilliant and everything comes together perfectly." - Eye For Film
“Bristling with action and rich in meanings, an impressive first feature” - Cineuropa

Winter Flies

Imbued with the same kind of quirky charm as Hunt for the Wilderpeople and The Peanut Butter Falcon, this charming buddy movie follows two mismatched adolescent boys on a road trip filled with misadventure and self-discovery. Warm and likeable characters in combination with a perceptive script capture the excitement and confusion of adolescence in an entertaining and insightful coming of age story.
“It's the performances that stay with you, and the two young first-time-actor leads are a revelation” - Variety
“Observant and wise about boys in puberty yet impish and carefree when necessary and never idealizing the cold and dreary countryside they travel through, Winter Flies is a lovely little film that's as comfortable as an old sweater and almost as warm” - Hollywood Reporter

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