Forrest Gump

Running time: 142 mins


Celebrate all the beloved moments, visual mastery, moving performances and captivating storytelling of Forrest Gump for its 30th anniversary. Winner of six Academy Awards including Best Picture, Actor (Tom Hanks) and Director (Robert Zemeckis). the generation-defining film is a stunning journey through some of the most memorable events and cultural touchstones of the later 20th century, courtesy of Forrest and the powerful cast of characters. Then, now, always - the world is never the same once you've seen it through the eyes of Forrest Gump.

Slow-witted Forrest Gump (Tom Hanks) has never thought of himself as disadvantaged, and thanks to his supportive mother (Sally Field), he leads anything but a restricted life. Whether dominating on the gridiron as a college football star, fighting in Vietnam or captaining a shrimp boat, Forrest inspires people with his childlike optimism. But one person Forrest cares about most may be the most difficult to save -- his childhood love, the sweet but troubled Jenny (Robin Wright).

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Sunday, 21st July

Thursday, 25th July

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