Hope Gap

Running time: 101 mins

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Annette Bening, Bill Nighy, and Josh O'Connor star in the family drama Hope Gap, with William Nicholson directing from his own script. Bening and Nighy portray a couple married for 29 years. The story follows their son's weekend visit to their seaside home, when Nighy's character informs him that he plans to leave his wife the following day. Hope Gap tracks the unraveling of three lives, through stages of shock, disbelief, and anger, to a resolution of sorts. There are no villains; only good people who’ve lived too long with old mistakes and are now paying the price. There are no easy answers and no simple paths to redemption. A husband, a wife, a son are forced to face hard truths, and out of those truths to fashion new lives. In the end, Hope Gap is a story of survival.