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The Limehouse Golem

Running time: 105 mins

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Bill Nighy stars in a murder mystery set in the streets and music halls of 1880s London, based on the novel by Peter Ackroyd.

A series of gruesome and bloody murders have shaken the Limehouse community. So monstrous and ruthless are these crimes the press claim they're the work of 'The Golem' - a legendary creature from dark times. With no genuine leads, Scotland Yard assigns the case to Detective Inspector Kildare (Bill Nighy), a detective with a troubled past and a sneaking suspicion that he is being set up to fail. Faced with a long list of suspects, including music hall star Dan Leno (Douglas Booth), Kildare must get help from a witness with legal troubles of her own (Olivia Cooke) to bring the murderer to justice.