Tubular Bells 50th Anniversary Show

Running time: 100 mins


Tubular Bells, one of the iconic musical works of the 20th century and the highest selling instrumental album of all time, is approaching its 50th anniversary. To mark this, an epic new stage production has been commissioned that re-invents the album with an incredible cinematic score, live musicians and performers. This all-new contemporary masterpiece incorporates the beauty of the original music with dance and acrobatic feats that create not only a visual spectacular, but also a musical tour-de-force.

The show also includes Moonlight Shadow, Mike Oldfield's biggest single hit, along with Summit Day, from his Guitars album, and The Gem, a new work by Musical Director Robin Smith. Filmed at the world-famous Royal Festival Hall over three ground-breaking nights, this is a magical concert that is not to be missed.

Described by John Peel on its release in a review for The Listener as "a new recording of such strength and beauty that to me it represents the first break-through into history that any musician has made". The album has sold 3 million copies in the UK (9 x platinum), is celebrated as the best-selling instrumental album of all time (with over 17 million sales and over 18 million streams worldwide), has featured in a host of films and tv series, was a key part of the 2012 London Olympics Opening Ceremony and continues to resonate to this day.

Showing Times

Thursday, 22nd September

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